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Dental help and information

Anonymous started this conversation
I read many, many posts about dental problems. The first place to go for help is Soulight's page

While I wish I could help everyone get that perfect movie star smile, the best I can offer is my advice. I had my teeth removed and full dentures put in about 5 years ago - the best thing I ever did!

What I have learned is that many of the new medications have a tendency to dry out your mouth. This will cause RAPID DECAY in your mouth. At first it's a few cavities, then abcesses, then after you know it they all have to come out. The best prevention  is brushing, flossing, rinsing and drinking LOTS OF WATER! Sugar free gum or Sugar free hard candy is recommended - but I don't really like to tell people that simply because of the aspertame in the candy/gum has its own host of problems. There are other things you can use- I don't know how well they work, I have never really tried them - but there are mouthwashes and lozenges that keep your mouth moist.

If you are experiencing DRY MOUTH - please talk to your doctor or dentist and ask what they recommend.

When it comes to infections/abcesses - seek medical attention! Infections can travel throughout your body and lead to more serious problems.

Some people may have medical insurance but not dental. Medical insurance will cover an ER visit - the usual co-pay I have found to be @$50 - which you can make payments on! Medicaid will cover dental - but try and find a dentist that will accept it. If you are in serious pain , you can be treated by an Emergency room doctor - they do accept Medicaid -  who can prescribe antibiotics and even something to ease the pain. Ask them for local dental clinic information - they should be able to refer you to a nearby clinic that can assist you.

Many people ask why Medicaid will pay for pulling teeth but not a root canal. I don't know about you, but when confronted with a root canal, I would prefer to have the tooth pulled! Additionally, it is CHEAPER to pull the tooth and, in the long run, it may prevent further problems.

Whenever you are in doubt, please ASK questions! Keep asking until you are satisfied with the answer you receive.

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Hi Who~Knew, I took extraordinary care of my teeth, but I was fighting a losing battle. I see ads for new dental products all the time that I wish had been available before I lost all my teeth. There is a company that makes wonderful dental products, and I did use what they had available several years ago. They now have many more products, and they're all wonderful! I told my pain management doctor about them, and he recommends them to all of his patients now. They're Biotene brand, and info can be found here: m/ Blessings, Beep

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